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Waggin' Tail Black Bob
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The Big Enough Gang
Meet The Girls at Big Enough
Our littlest girl at just 15 inches
and very refined, Gypsey is also
very correct.  She is my  
affectionate and devoted
"shadow".  Built for speed, she
is being trained by my friend
Mitzi Jorgensen and showing
promise as a competitive agility
Gypsey has now been
and is being trained, loved and
shown by Mitzi Jorgensen.
In addition to appreciating her
as my enthusiastic walking
companion, I love Patsy for her
"type" and  her structure is
lovely as well.  Bob and Jazmin's
daughter, she was born here, at
Big Enough.  She produced
puppies with sensible
temperaments and beautiful
structure and breed type.
Patsy was spayed in 2009 so will
not have any more puppies
Lovely and loving, Jazmin is a
joy to handle under any and all
circumstances.  A wonderful
and sensible mother, she
produces excellent puppies.
She came to me as an adult
from Jako kennels in Canada
and I feel fortunate to have
owned her.
She is now re-homed and
enjoying the good life in a 2
mini aussie household.
Shadylane Jako Jazmin
Big Enough's Belle o' the Ball
Aptly named, Belle loves to fetch,
just like her grandsire, one of our
first two minis.  She is about the
most  trainable dog  I have ever
met, never forgetting a lesson.  
Belle holds a special place here,
being the grand-daughter of our
1st  two mini aussies and it is fun
to see the traits that carry through
the generations.  I love it that she
is completely lacking the 'aussie
reserve',  and greets everyone as
though they are a long lost friend.
Belle has now been re-homed and
is living in a 1 dog household.
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Hips: OFA excellent
Eyes: Cerf  cleared annually
MDR-1:  pendingl
15 inches
Hips: OFA excellent
Eyes: Cerf cleared annually
MDR-1:  normal/normal
16 1/2 inches
Hips: OFA excellent
Eyes: Cerf cleared annually
MDR-1:  normal/normal
15 1/2 inches
Hips:  Pennhip 50th percentile (good)
Eyes: Cerf cleared annually
MDR-1:  normal/normal
Hips:  Pennhip 70th percentile
Eyes:  Cerf cleared annually
MDR-1:  normal/normal
17 3/4  inches
In addition to amazing substance in a 17 3/4"
dog, Bob has a lovely level topline, great rear
angulation, good lay-back of shoulder and
length of neck, traits he consistently passes
on to his offspring.
Devoted to me and absolutely honest, he is
willing to try anything I ask of him, even when
it is new or scary.  
He came to me as an adult  by way of Jako
Kennels in Canada and I am lucky to have him.
UPDATE:  Though I will no longer
have litters here at Big Enough, I will
continue to stand Bob at stud.