Mini Aussies have a working dog mind in a size that fits more
comfortably with the families and homes of today.
miniature australian shepherds
About Big Enough
About Miniature
Australian Shepherds

Whether it be a family pet, a 4-H project dog, an
obedience or agility prospect, even if you live in town
but want to compete in herding events,  chosen
carefully, a  Minature Australian Shepherd can fill the
I have always loved dogs but my love of Australian Shepherds
began when my dad brought a special puppy home for me, she was
big enough to fill his coat pocket.  A little blue merle female of
dubious ancestry, with a l-o-n-g tail and
very short legs but a heart
and mind
big enough to match the best Australian Shepherd.  She
planted a seed that has grown  into my devotion to this breed, the
Miniature Australian Shepherd.
My passion is to produce healthy, beautifully correct and easily
trainable dogs,  my goal is that each generation be an
improvement on the previous.  The joyful result of responsible
breeding is providing families with wonderful companions.

Sadly as time has passed, the expectation of what a breeder can
realistically guarantee became a bigger responsibility than I am
willing to bear and so, due to that and many changes in my own
life, as of the Fall of 2009 I am longer breeding these dogs.
Miniature Australian Shepherds are true Aussies in a
compact size, so like most herding breeds, they are
anxious to please their people, this makes them very
easy to train.  However, they are also very devoted to
their people and do
need companionship, so if you do
not have the time to spend, choose a more
breed.  Some also retain the guardian instincts of their
hard working shepherding ancestors and so owners
must be prepared to dedicate time to early socialization
of their puppy for best results
If a great companion dog in the 35 pound range,
with ease of trainability, and devotion to family
is what you are looking for, you have found the
right breed!
Be forewarned;  mini aussies are a bit like potato chips,
one is rarely enough.
Click here to contact me at or feel
free to call me;
Sherry Petersen,
big enough mini
After nearly 17 years, as of Fall 2009, I have made the difficult decision
to stop breeding dogs.  I will maintain this website until 2011 and will
welcome calls from my extended dog 'family' or others with questions
about this breed.